Usangu Retread

About Us

Usangu Logistics with the knowledge of the numerous cost centres of that a transporter faces as part of everyday operations began an inhouse retread service for its fleet. Quality of service is not something easy to hide in the business world; we began to receive requests from beyond our company, from our friends in the transport industry and decided to establish Usangu Retreads Limited. Usangu Retreads has emerged as the fastest growing and among the leading service providers in the retread and tire supply and tire management segment in Tanzania and beyond.

Usangu Retreads uses the latest technology in tire retread, giving the best user value for money as well as one of the shortest turnaround times between our own collection of tires from clients to our own delivery of tires back to clients. All a client does is reach one of our many sales representatives. After the first business, our representatives will be making regular follow-up and offering tire management service.

We Offer:

  1. Retreading tires for SUV & Passenger Car, Trucks and Bus, Off the Road and Solids for Forklift,
  2. Supply of new tires for SUV & Passenger Car, Trucks and Bus, Off the Road and Solids for Forklift
  3. Authorised dealer of the following batteries; Arnaron, Puma, Amararaja.
  4. Supply of Batteries for Cars, Trucks, Solar Plants, Telecommunication (GSM sites)
  5. Trucks and Car Laser wheel alignment
  6. Fleet tyra management Services
  7. Tyre services and related products
  8. Auto Eletrical and Auto mechinical works

We are dealing with tyre and related services