About Us.

Petcom (T) Ltd we do transportation of fuel locally and transit. As a company we are committed to providing dependable logistics solutions, coupled with incomparable professional service and competitive rates.

With a company-owned, modern fleet and access to expanded delivery, Petcom (T) Ltd offers fuel transport service in different locations. We have assembled a “Best In Class” organization where employees are committed to leadership values that result in the drive and commitment to our customers and the environment.

Petcom (T) Ltd currently maintain a fleet of vehicles that can respond to the changing needs of our customers and the personnel to complete the task needed to help our customers grow their business.


As part of our plans to become regional leader in fuel sector; the company also owns several fuel stations as listed below:

1. Puma Petrol Station on Mandela Road Dar es Salaam
2. Gapco Petrol Station in Chalinze
3. Mogas Petrol station in Mdaula
4. Mogas Petrol Station in Mafinga Camel Oil Petrol station in Mbalizi Mbeya
5. Gapco Petrol station in Tukuyu
6. Gapco Petrol station in  Mbeya
7. Camel Oil Petrol Station in Mbalizi
8. Camel Oil Petrol Station in Mpemba Tunduma
9. Gapco Petrol Station in Tunduma
10. Puma Petrol station in Tunduma

For fuel deliveries in these areas call us for good service and best rates.

'More miles with pure fuel'

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