About Us

Petcom is an Usangu subsidiary that deals in fuel. It is a specialist fuel management company with an independent fleet of trucks and staff.

Broadly, Petcom offers a comprehensive set of services that cover the everyday pressing needs for reliable best quality fuel to motorists, truckers, generator set owners, construction sites as well as mine sites. We also offer fuel management services to filling station owners, projects, as well as fuel handling facilities.

We Offer:

  1. Filling station management
  2. Dedicated fuel supply
  3. Fuel delivery
  4. Fuel dispenser and facility setup
  5. Fuel management advisory

We provide services for all your fuel needs

Our Filling stations

  • Puma Mandela Rd, DSM
  • Gapco Chalinze
  • OryxIsaka
  • Gapco Chimala
  • Puma Mbeya Town
  • Petcom Mbalizi
  • Camel Mpemba
  • Puma Tunduma
  • Oryx Kitwe

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